Why use a Financial Advisor?

Financial Advisors are licensed individuals who have successfully taken and passed test that addresses knowledge of the investment world. Financial Advisors are involved with determining what assets are best to invest in with the least amount of risk and in companies that exhibit strong earnings and balance sheets.

How are Financial Advisors compensated?

Financial Advisors do not have commissions. They are paid a percentage of the assets they manage. It is in their best interest to grow your assets by investing in assets that perform better than the average. Their success as well as your own is determined by the performance they achieve.

What type of clients do Financial Advisors work with?

Financial Advisor work with all types of individuals. We work with individuals who have approximately $100,000 or more in funds to manage. We work with doctors, attorneys, CPAs, business owners, retirees, and beneficiaries of estates.

What is Allen Investment's goal for their clients?

Our goal is to maximize your assets with the least amount of risk taking. We want to enhance your quality of life by lessening the attention and frustration you have in managing your own funds. We want you to worry less and benefit with greater financial rewards.